Thursday September 26, 8:30am PT / 11:30am ET / 5:30pm CEST

Featuring Real World Case Studies

GenPro Webinar redo

When you're in transportation, every RFP is like an "At Bat", and every won bid is like a"Hit" for a baseball team. The more "A Bats" you get, the more Hits you get, helping win the game, but you have to organize your team and give them the right tools to make it happen!

Winmore is used by the most trusted names in the brokerage and forwarding industry such as DHL, GlobalTranz, ArcBest and GenPro, who are getting more RFP "At Bats" and increasing their "Hits" using Winmore. In fact, by automating their response process and leveraging collaboration tools these teams have been able to:

  • Increase their number of processed RFP's (At Bats) by 60%!
  • Increase their RFP Win Rate (Hits) by 15%!

With the RFP Season getting underway, shippers and BCO's will begin launching RFP's to Logistics Providers around the country, by the thousands, to lock in rates for the holidays and the new year. Just as in the race for the pennant, competition will be fierce and only the best teams will make it to the series. Learn how to keep up, get ahead and get more HITS!

Join John Golob, Winmore's CMO, and Caitlin Meaden, GenPro’s Director of Sales as they discuss:

  • How GenPro is using Winmore to get more "At Bat's" which is resulting in more "Hits" and a higher win rate
  • The business case and ROI that won over procurement and C-level executives
  •  The impact Winmore has had on their domestic brokerage operations
  • The new generation of qualification approaches and technologies to automate the process
  • How alignment between RFP teams, sales and solution delivery can result in a competitive advantage
  • The impact and cost of failing to share data across a 3PL and what it means to customer loyalty and profitability
There will also be a live product demo of Winmore, see RFP innovation in action!