Winmore extend its Collaboration Software to Virtual Bid Desks and Home Offices During COVID-19

Supporting logistics service providers’ work-from-home policies, Winmore, the cloud-based bid and tender collaboration software leader for the logistics industry is pleased to introduce "Work From Home, Win From Home with Winmore”.

New and updated features supporting “Work from Home, Win from Home” include:

  • Winmore Conversations: A “digital watercooler” for the virtual office, this feature captures those important ad hoc discussions for all to see. Teams use it to post comments, ask questions and provide updates on work as RFPs and bids are being processed.

  • Bid Repository: Centralized, searchable storage for bids and shipper documents in one location. Anyone can instantly access bid documents from wherever they are, even past submissions.

  • Winmore Workflows: A structured set of stages based on industry best practices. Winmore automatically assigns and tracks tasks across commercial operations so everyone knows what’s expected of them and leaders can gain peace of mind.

  • Embedded Video Conferencing: Integrated Zoom web conference capabilities allow teams to virtually meet in real time from anywhere, without leaving the Winmore application.

  • Shipping Relationships Ledger: A detailed historic log of customer profiles, questions, offers and pricing to keep everyone up-to-date on the current status of shipper partnerships.

About the program
  • In response to the Covid-19 crisis which is driving millions of logistics professionals to work from impromptu home offices, Winmore is offering its software to brokers, forwarders and carriers on a 90-day term through an honor code.

  • Winmore adapted its best-in-class workflows for LSPs that have implemented work-from-home policies, including tasks designed for virtual meetings and creative applications of its scoring models.

  • Within the "Work From Home, Win From Home with Winmore" program, qualified logistics service providers can use Winmore software for a 90-day period at no cost upfront.

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