Webinar On-Demand:

Completing the CRM Puzzle With Winmore

A Discussion With Barbara Gunter (Lightbulb, DHL)

While 3PLs have bought and deployed CRM software for their sales and service functions, many have struggled with using them to get new shipper customers, largely because the logistics and transportation industry is heavily dependent on inbound RFPs and tenders, not outbound email marketing, which is the core capability of most CRM marketing software products.

In this anytime, on-demand webinar, John Golob, Chief Marketing Officer of Winmore sits down with Barabara Gunter, owner of Lightbulb Consulting and former Global Head of CRM for DHL, to discuss the best practices of streamlining and accelerating the RFP response process with best-of-breed technology that augments your CRM and amplifies its value.

The discussion explores:

  • The role of CRM in Logistics: what it should, and should not, be used for.
  • The concept of Actionable Collaboration Strategies. Collaboration is often stays at a high level, yet transportation companies that apply actionable collaboration plans can respond to RFP’s in less time with higher quality
  • The latest Armstrong & Associates research that found Winmore "completes the CRM puzzle" for 3PLs